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Transfer output a tad wobbly

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' Tad wobbly ' is of course my way of putting it.

I get a wobble at 55-65mph and when under the truck this morning changing the oils in the gearbox/transfer box I gave everything a good shake to make sure it's still attached where it needs to be.

Whilst doing this, the front output for the transfer box has some movement, not a lot, possibly less than a mm, but it is there none the less.

What's the probably diagnosis of this do you think? Big job? 

The oil that drained out looked like tea and was a little thin as well with some sludge built up on the magnetic plug.

Gearbox was that good I felt like re using it!



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Front output has a simple single ball bearing race, not a taper roller setup, so a small amount of play is very common and nothing to worry about. Particularly if the seal is not leaking. 

Regards, Diff. 


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I've just changed the front output bearing on mine, as I thought the old one had a bit too much play in it...the new one has even more! and no, It didn't come in a blue box. If I could be bothered I would swap them back, but it's in there now.

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