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Classic overhangs


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Am I imagining - but do different standard models have different amounts of overhang after the back axle ?

I can’t see any specs that talk about changes in either wheelbase or body length - but on some images some vehicles look really much shorter.

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Think they are all the same. Although bumpers changed over the years. Which can add to the illusion. Also the 3 door has longer front doors which makes the proportions look different. But they shouldn’t be. 

I’m not 100% sure on the LSE which is 108” wheelbase while all other RRC’s are 100”. But I thought the extra space was between the B and C pillars. 

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They all the same on the metal body panels, but later models have the plastic corner caps which change the appearance, as well as deeper sill cover plastics, and the Brooklands kits have much deeper sills and extended bumpers which do reduce ground clearance a fair bit.

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