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The 4th Mike Wolfe memorial Winch Challenge Event

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Hi All,

So far I have the following confirmed entries, please PM ME if any changes and I will amend.

Sunday 20th May 2007 Slindon West Sussex

1. JST James Trembath & Tony Cordell

2. Adrian Turner & Richard Nicolson

3. Pod & ??

4. Sue & Kevin (Purple Pig) & TBA


6. TJ101 & ??

7. Battub & ??

8. Pugwash & ??

9. Paul Wightman and Nick Watts

10. Saley & TBA

11. Will Warne and TBA

12. Moglite and ??

13. Alan Kemp & ??

14. Lawerence Defcol & ??

15. The real muddy 90 / Roger Pardy Paul Rogers

16 John Jennings & Bob Seaman

17. Richard Salter & Nick Woodage

18. Paul Hooper & TBA 1

19. Paul Hooper TBA 2

20. Dave Wight & Matthew Sykes

21. Mark Ambler & Matt Hewitt

22. Nigel Bicknell & Barry Plumber

23. Paul Church Kev Pocock (d4x4)

24. Naill Banyard hbro……… needs team mate

25. Neil Tomlinson Steve Williams

26. Mark Jeffrey Colin Humpries

27. Hugh Duffett and ?

28 Tangoman and ?

29. Giles Tinkler & TBA

30. Darren Holmes & TBA needs a partner

31. John Piper & Gary Andrews

32. The anthill Mob

33. Jim Marsden & TBA

34. Paul Bass & TBA

35. Treebloke & dawn & TBA

36. Luke (Diamond Geezer) & TBA

37. David Ley and Damon Lock

38. OGWI and TBA



Things have moved on now, site is booked and here are the following

Rules & Regulatuions - Pleas read !

Entry Forms, Download complete and post to me (no money till March) and this will reserve your places

Membership forms for the HBRO if you are not a member and not a member of another ARC Club

(read the above documents !)

Please now offically reserve your places, complete and PM me for my adress.

I will do an additional document later for an overview of the day, but for now I can assure you it will be a fabulous day, and suitable for entrants wanting to do their 1st ever event, right up to and including the nutters - sorry 2Experts" who will find more than enough to keep them busy

Main Sponsors for this event are as always the family of Mike Wolfe - Shaun and Suzi Goring of 'KCC' at Bordon Hampshire


For this year now already confirmed we have extra sponsors with

Simon R with X-Engineering,

David at Ashcrofts,

Sarah at Brooklyn 4x4,

Paul Bass (also entering !) at Challenger 4x4,

Nick Jennings owner of Landrox 4x4,

and a few more who should confirm shortly.

Its going to be a cracking event, so get yourself entered !

Oh Lastly - Press interest - so polish those dents and bumps - you never know

There will be Trophys for

1st 2nd and 3rd places in both ARC and NON ARC ....................as per popular demand B)

I am also working on Event souvenirs FOR ALL entrants B) B) more nearer the time !

Enough from me for now, get downloading and completeting paperwork,

I will then contact all entrants nearer the time (March) for payment,

your other option is to enclose post dated cheques to 1st march, when I would phone to agree that I can 'present' them.

Fuller details in the downloads................ :ph34r:






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A question has arisen on tyres and bumpers for ALRC class vehicles.

Tyres must be less than 33 inch inflated diameter, we will measure on the day with a tape for the avoidance of doubt.

Bumpers as below extracted from the ALRC rules.

B.13.1. Heavy-duty bumpers, and bumpers associated with winch installations are permitted on condition they are no smaller or weaker than the originals. See LogBook article Dimensions Chart for bumper widths.

B.13.2. . On Land Rovers, bumpers, mounting and rear cross-members must be straight, have at least equal strength to the original fitment and shall be mounted in the original position with the front and rear faces presenting flat vertical faces.

B.13.3. On Range Rover / Discovery / Freelander bumpers must be of original size and shape and have at least equal strength to the

original fitment. Bumper sizes and shapes may vary with the model concerned.

We aim to take a relaxed point of view but rules is rules.

Any queries please post her and I/we will try to answer.

Just a point to all competitors wheel spacers are banned over 5mm in both Blue Book and ALRC rules.

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Must have missed this thread :ph34r:

A update to the list

6. TJ101 & ?? is now joined with 28 Tangoman and ?

(was meant to be with Pugwash,, but i want to do the event this year ! :lol: !)

So, what do you need sending ???

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