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Engine Change on my Defender 90 TD5 Reg Sept 2000

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Hello, This is my first ever forum chat on anything so a newbie. Ok so I purchased a Sept 2000 Defender 90 TD5 and it didn't ever cross my mind about the Ultra & Low Emission Zone. Yes you guessed it I have received in the post £1,000 of fines.  I am looking for clarification of what I can do to my vehicle to make it complaint. I've read many forum chats and spoken to many and the answers range from changing the engine to a BMW petrol and adding an AdBlue kit costing £20k upwards to selling the vehicle. My logbook states the taxation class is PLG but my insurance classes the vehicle as a van. 

Can anyone help me with the best form of action?


Many thanks

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To avoid the punitive fines of the ULEZ your vehicle needs to be Euro6 emissions-compliant.

While it is possible to retro-fit an Euro6-compliant engine into a 20-year-old Defender, the cost of doing so - and moreso the cost of getting the resultant vehicle tested and certified as being Euro6 compliant - will well exceed what you paid for your vehicle in the first place.

My suggestion: sell it, and use the proceeds to buy something Euro6-compliant. Why, honestly, do you want to drive an old Defender in an inner-city anyway?
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Yes the ULEZ is actually designed to keep out vehicles like yours, so you are on a sticky wicket l am afraid.

For a while my 110 was exempt because it had more than nine seats, but that's no longer the case.

This is the reason why there were a lot of Defenders for sale in London last year.

l think you can register it as a voluntary ambulance and get round the ULEZ that way, but don't quote me.

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