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RTC844 & RTC 845


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Feel free to move as I already have the part numbers...

I need a replacement diff pan for my 109's Salisbury rear axle, I believe the part number should be RTC844 but when I search this part number online it throws up a diff pan for a 100. Are they one and the same?

I also need the support plate which fastens to the bottom of the diff pan as mine is in many shattered pieces. I believe the part number for this is RTC845. I have found this part but it seems very expensive! Does anybody know the function of the part? I presume I am just going to have to bite the bullet here and pay through the nose for one.

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I find several discrepancies relating to your post.

Searching for RTC844 bring different results from searching for RTC 844. Generally these refer to a 110 (not a 100).
I cannot be 100%, never having played with a 110, but I suspect that for this part 'a Salisbury is a Salisbury' so the wheelbase of the vehicle is immaterial. More were fitted to 110s than 109s, so it's the 110 that gets the mention.

Using RTC 844 on ebay I see the cheapest is item number 253671137274 at £55.
However, item number 254095288646 at £58 appears to get you a gasket and fill plug, although I'd check before ordering.

There is a used version, 224565971333, currently at £30 + £10 postage.

For RTC845, that presentation seems more generally recognised (instead of RTC 845) but yes, the price seems high. I guess there is less demand, which begs the question; Do you really need one?
I don't have an insight to its function.


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Thanks chaps, very helpful.

Yeah, '100' was a typo and should have read '110', apologies.

A replacement diff pan and stiffening plate still runs to less than the ARB version but thanks @Tobias, they do look nice though!

@David Sparkes nobody seems sure what the stiffening plate does, but I am loathed to leave it off and then find out the hard way that it does something to help keep all the oil inside the diff!

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