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TD5 intercooler element flush


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Just looking at Rave for the D2, I can see that flushing the intercooler is a maintenance item, although it doesn't say what interval. I did wonder when I first saw your query whether it might be the fuel cooler, but it seems it is the intercooler which is effectively an air to air 'radiator'  for the turbo, it is fitted at the front of the engine bay along with the engine rad and the condenser (assuming you have A/C). Rave is here and it is page 123, the links in the PDF work so you can navigate around. There is seemingly a real LR solvent, but most would use petrol as a readily available and cheapish alternative. just make sure it is well aired before refitting. As important as flushing it is checking for leaks/any sign of oil on the outside..... just found my P38 has an issue there. if there is a lot of oil inside then check the EGR system, if you clean that and the problem remains then it may be that the turbo is failing. HTISH

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