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Genuine door seals and door closing issues

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Hi guys

I've just purchased genuine land rover door seals for the front of my TD5 90. And the doors have to be slammed to make them close properly on the 2nd click of the latch.

As soon as the old ones are refitted, doors close absolutely perfectly. Sadly, the original drivers one is in a poor state, else it would be refitted.
I'm familiar with the striker adjustment, and its adjusted as far out as I'm willing to accept.

Has anyone else had this issue with new seals? I was under the impression that genuine seals were my best option. However, they aren't working well on my 90.

I take it puma seals are the same as the older ones.

Cheers guys

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New genuine seals all the way, i would persist with them - having to slam the door is also a possible sign of warn latch mechanisms, they do wear out, my doors gave me grief for years having to hard slam them... finally had a brain wave to change the latch mechanism and it solved the issue completely.

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