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Recomendations for a 200tdi clutch kit


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Hi folks, need a clutch kit, and I'm baffled at the price difference found searching kits on ebay.

Cheapest I found for a full HD kit with fork and alloy release bearing came in at £77, which is crazy cheap, then everything just goes up from that, was reading that someone recommended the Britpart HD kit? I've always tended towards a valeo kit but they're twice the price.

Tell me what you can recommend?

I've put links to the kits I was looking at below.









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  • Maverik changed the title to Recomendations for a 200tdi clutch kit

My last one was LUK, bought from a factor. Two look like Britpart, could be great, could be terrible. The Valeo one should fine, but there is always the possibility of fake parts.

I really like being able to walk into the parts counter and stand nose to nose with the vendor.

It costs so much, (in time and effort if not in money), to change a clutch that the cost of the bits is not the biggest factor!  

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Third one on your list (Valeo) according to the description does NOT include the release bearing ???

This https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182741444878?hash=item2a8c3d290e:g:yZMAAOSw2GlXIyUy Looks very much like a Britpart item, even though its Genuine LR

I always try to fit either LUK, Valeo, or Sachs to my vehicles if possible. Borg and Beck do not exist any more, its only a cover brand nowadays, and I am not sure about AP either.

IMO the alloy bearing carrier is no better than the plastic one.

Its a minefield really, as with a lot of stuff on ebay, you are not sure what you are getting. 

I see a couple there branded Bearmach, but of course they dont actually make clutches either, so who knows the origin.

I think this is one of those instances to use a motor factor. You can see the name on the box, and the items, look it over on the counter before you buy. 

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Just to close this out I went for a Valeo heavy duty kit off ebay - LR trade parts uk.

I looked at the LOF stuff and for the price difference I can't say I was all that convinced to be honest. especially as I have a VNT turbo and according to LOF it would need to be an additional spec'd clutch.

I appreciate they've maybe done some power - friction calcs and worked some stuff out, but I guess I'm a pretty conservative driver when it comes to my truck so I'm pretty happy standard stuff will still work for me jus now.

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11 200tdi powered vehicles since 1991 - always fitted Valeo or Borg & Beck. Did fit a coupleof HD units but they just have stiffer springs in the basket. My 100" is still going on the clutch I fitted in 2004 and it's done well over 200k since then - in Africa. That was a Valeo

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