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OT - Classic Mini Spares

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This is kind-of OT (although the extended story includes a Series III Lightweight and a Haflinger, but I don’t have time for all that today) but I’m not a member of any other vehicle related forums (fora?) so I’m hoping the LR4x4 collective can come up trumps.

My son Zak and his cousin Oliver have this afternoon set off on the Mongol Rally X - it’s a cut down version of the Mongol Rally proper, the full rally having been cancelled for the last two years due (mainly) to Covid.

They are raising money for Parkinson’s UK, a cause close to my heart because Oliver’s father and I both have the disease.

Their chosen mode of transport is a classic Mini, and they are easy to spot because I think we can be fairly certain that they are currently the only red Mini on the British road network with a 16ft canoe and a set of waffle boards on the roof..

For those with Instagram, their page is here: https://www.instagram.com/noparkinplease/

They set out from home in the middle of the Peak District at lunch time today heading for South Wales and by 16:30 had made it as far as the other side of Stafford where they had to stop when the Mini overheated.

At the time of writing they have made it nearly as far as Builth Wells but the radiator on the mini is knackered and they could really do to find a replacement.

So, the question for you all is do any of you know where they can find a classic Mini radiator in the South Wales area this weekend?

The best way of getting hold of them will be to post a reply here, and any ideas or recommendations will be gratefully received.

Thank you.



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A mate of mine from the Welsh Shooting Team has a heavy involvement in Minis (started a business restoring them a year or two ago) based in Monmouthshire and may well have something suitable lying around.


If they need workshop space / help / tools / assistance whatever and are heading down Pembrokeshire way then they're more than welcome to stop by. Don't have the lift installed yet but there are ways and means :rofl:


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In a pinch a radiator is a radiator - as long as you can fit it under the bonnet and jam some hoses on it doesn't matter if it's off a Mini or a motorbike... bodge a 12v cooling fan on it for extra insurance if you need, can be left "always on" and the engine thermostat will do its thing.

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Tell me about it. This morning, SWMBO is helping her son (not mine) aged 20, Grammar School and Uni educated, who works in GDPR, book some tickets for a National Express coach FFS !

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5 hours ago, nickwilliams said:

so worrying about this pair makes no sense at all

😀 no and anyway, in Mongol Rally speak, aren't they supposed to manage with loads of unhelp?

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Message from the boys:

Please post a thank-you on the LR4x4 forum. We made contact with Stuart Hart who was great and really helped us out. He gave us a radiator, rocker cover and lots of good knowledge. Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas.

Zak and Oli (Team No Parkin’)

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