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Steering Box remounting


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Posting in this forum as the steering box is nearly the same across most older models.

The D1 Workshop manual has a number of steps for refitting the tie-bar.  

17. Position tie bar, tighten bolts and nut to 81 Nm,
starting with tie bar to mounting nut, then
loosen nut and bolts by one complete turn.

26. Test drive vehicle: using both full lock directions,
to settle steering components. If possible, drive
vehicle over speed bumps and include harsh

27. Drive vehicle in a straight line on level ground
and stop.
28. Tighten tie bar to mounting nut to 110 Nm.
29. Tighten bolts securing tie bar to 81 Nm.


Are these critical steps, or "official" over doing it?  Backing off an entire turn would seem to be quite loose!

Also, of If need to make corrections for  the steering wheel alignment, is it OK to  us the drag-link rotation/adjustment for this? (assuming it's not way out)

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