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OT: Outlook Express help


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Just got a shiny new Dell for the office at work...

My old Dell has got tonnes of email from about the last seven years on it, and is having problems, I think the Outlook Express index is somehow corrupted. I've tried the "compact and repair" function before and it doesn't help. The problem is that the folders can be a bit slow loading, and the search function doesn't work properly, which is a pain. However I also have tonnes of email on my computer at home and this one has no problems, folders load almost instantly and I can search all mail. (On the work one, I can search and find the messages but then get an error when I try to open them, so I need to write down the date of the message and navigate manually to the folder where it is stored, which is a pain in the butt)

In the past when upgrading I have simply copied the whole "store folder" across from one computer to the next on a hard drive and this works, but takes all the problems with it.

Is there a way to transfer messages to the new computer and force the computer to re-build the index from scratch or something, so that it all works properly again?

Any ideas from learned IT types would be gratefully accepted ;)

Ta :)

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Have you tried importing the messages:

From the toolbar: File, import, messages.

This will run an import wizard. Choose Outlook Express as the data type, then on the next page choose import from a store directory. Browse to your old data store and import.

Hope this helps...

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Thanks for the above. Tried Thunderpants, don't really like it, and I don't like the full Outlook.

Found something interesting on the subject here


ran the "folder compact" thing exactly as instructed on the old PC and it chuntered away for about 3/4 of an hour doing "something" will see what happens when it has finished (nearly done now)

will try exporting and re importing messages later if that doesn't work (and once I have done a backup!)

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Bah :angry: still the same thing when searching and click on a message in the search results you get:

"Message could not be displayed

Outlook Express encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this message. Check your computer for low memory or low disk space and try again"

Does seem to be quicker searching and opening very large folders though...

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