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Fuel problem,

defender dinky

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Hi all, range rover classic 89 efi auto v8, come to start my project today but can't get any fuel through, tried different relays to no avail got no power to white/purple wire, pump works, checked all fuses I can find, opened flapper slightly,and can't  find inertia switch do I have one?, found something that resembles one but there's nothing in there see photo, the relay holder behind it whats it for, when I put a relay in there the car turns over in position 2, been on this all day nearly, dd



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Just noticed on fuel relay with the white and purple wires mount there's nothing in the middle connector to pick terminal on relay,  two earth's into one connector, but the relay with all the brown wires has, it has a blue wire, so how does relay work with connector missing, dd

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