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Clutch bite point to high

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Story is, just fitted a power spec clutch along with new Master cylinder, slave cylinder, push rod, fork and all fork bushings. Had relatively easy time back bleeding the system and the had a nice hard pedal. Driving about for a week or so i was noticing that the bite point was creeping up. Checked to make sure the master cylinder locking nuts were tight and they were, bled the system again but didn't notice any air but still have the high pedal. Popped the slave out to check if the cylinder was extending and not retracting properly due to poor master cylinder setting but the slave was free and no restrictions when returning. Played about with the pedal height via the master cylinder rod to see if i could get the bite point at a more comfortable spot but its still to high.


Does anyone have any suggestions for me as i don't seem to be getting anywhere?


I did compare components before fitting so i fitted like for like push rod as i've been caught out in the past with the longer push rods. I've also come across a part number for a shim for behind the slave cylinder but doesn't look like it was used on a Td5 Defender and it wasn't fitted to my vehicle so id think it shouldn't be required now.

Thanks for any help in advanced.


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Which model of Land Rover do you have? lf it's a TD5 there's no pedal stop/height adjustment on the pedal box.

The pedal height is adjustable on the master cylinder push rod.

However if it was OK and has changed, then there's something wrong with either the master or slave cylinder.

Air in the system will generally give a too low note point rather than too high.

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