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Ex Mod defender paint job

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Hi Everyone, my first post here! I have been looking for my first 110 online and have opted to try and find an exmod one so it has some legacy/history against it. Interestingly i found a typical mod green one that looked all good but on the inside it was red???. Does anyone know why this would be the case, like was that some sort of special paint job or likely a half arsed respray? Anyway thanks for any knowledge that you may be able to share.



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Looks like it has LR special vehicles badges painted over. Otherwise standard civvy spec white fleet.

I've bought similar stuff in the past, used by airfield security guards, admin cars used on salisbury etc, and one was used by QintetiQ on the test ranges.

That one looks like its got new rear radius arms (still got labels on), so might have had a little rear end axle mishap and they've chucked on whatever was left in the stores.

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