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110 csw 1987 whirrring noise

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Anyone offer anything ??

got a noise appeared on way back from nc500. Sounds like wheel bearing but had all 4 off the ground and nothing seems to move or jiggle around

noise seems to appear between 50&55 then disappears, fine upto 70 but then again between 70&72 and fine again after that .. not that it goes much further

diff oils are looking fine. Not checked both boxes yet .. but no obvious leaks ( unless they are empty of course) lol

quick google and someone mentions prop weights or Uj’s ??



thanks troops

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6 minutes ago, cackshifter said:

UJs have to be a prime suspect. Sometimes you have to take the props off to check, or greasing them can sometimes stop it temporarily. I tracked one down once by feeling UJ's after a run - I burnt myself on the faulty one. Or they may show some slack when you rock the vehicle.

I like that check.. good idea. I’ll try a run out today then see what I can feel.

Pretty sure I done all of them about 2yrs ago, very limited mileage since then (probably about 300 per year) except for the nc500 run which added about 2100 just last week.

appreciate the quick reply 👍

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