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My new Range Rover Sport


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2 hours ago, ThreePointFive said:

If you weren't 8,000 miles away, I'd have to think about that. But you are so I don't.

Brother delivers vehicles all over the country. That's how I brought it up from Bury St Edmonds. 😁

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4 hours ago, Bowie69 said:

Congrats on the sale! Hope you made good money ;)

I did but I also got a 53 plate Discovery TD5 as well 🤣. SO I need to decide whether to break it or sell it for spares.

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2 minutes ago, Bowie69 said:

Is that so we can see daylight through what's left of the chassis?

I know there is chassis rot and I have spent no time looking at the car but even if I gett £500 for it I am still well up on the Sport. 😛

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The RRS never did work for me - the association with indigenous travelling, caravan owning, dodgy tarmac laying folk, is just to much.

However the L332 is a special vehicle. I drove a pre-production LHD 4.4 at the LRE SW. I used the same car as a wedding vehicle and on my honeymoon. I love them. The Supercharged is glorious, although appalling off tarmac. Theres a really nice one in the Land Rover section of Expedition Overland Forum. The owner has fixed all the bits that didn't work from factory, replaced the air bags with struts - it's really nice. And white

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