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Cable Finding

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Hi everyone , just wondering where you get your cable from as the company's i know of have a limited range of colours    

I go to Halford's , Autospark's or Holden's' it's the one's with trace colours in, or the heavy duty amp's that just seem hard to find

only want to buy in small metre's not the whole roll. any help i would be grateful

Thank you 

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What particular colour are you after? When I did a complete rewire I found Autosparks to have everything I needed. I would recommend getting a lable printer that can print on heat shrink. I use one now and apply a lable at each end of the wire. I found it to be a game changer.

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2 hours ago, Mutley said:

+1 for Vehicle Wiring Products Ltd.

@Monkey what make /type of printer are you using any info would be great, cheers. 

I have a Brother P-Touch E300 this. I use the genuine (not cheap) Brother black on white heatshrink cartridges. So far as a test to harsh conditions, I have used it to label all of my guage and sender wiring in hot/oily conditions next to the engine. After a wipe with a cloth the text is still clearly visable and not rubbed off or dergraded. I'm very pleased with it, so going forwards I now use my own wiring colour code of solid wire colours but with a label each end to identify the wire.

Tha only thing I would say about it is that if you print labels one at a time you will quickly waste the heatshrink cartridge as it automatically pulls the label through. Instead I make the labels in a batch just leaveing a double space between each one. That way I am getting more label out of a cartridge if that makes sense.

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Thanks for the info Monkey impressive bit of kit but sadly for me a far too impressive price, Ouch!

Like the idea, maybe when I'm rich and famous!?! Oh hang on, if that ever happens I won't be working on it!!!..... Until then I guess it's back to the adjustable spanner, angle grinder and the test light!?!?!?! Such is life!

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I always use VWP for mine too.

I bought a Dymo XTL300 that can print on heat-shrink and it's a bl**dy awful piece of junk so @monkie's recommendation is a bit late for me but I'd second it firmly - I've got a couple of smaller cheapy Brother printers and they work well enough, that'll teach me! :lol:

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