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Series 2 roof on 91 defender?

Dan D90

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Not sure what you mean here.

SWB (88") Series roofs will not fit a 90 without some cutting and swopping the windscreenframe.

SWB (88") Series sides will fit the rear of a 110 CSW


The LWB (109") Series roof goes straight onto a 110 with the Series windscreen

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Thanks Arjan, I think you have answered my question. Thanks for your help.

Back ground is that a friend has a series 2 roof and I was thinking of buying it to put it on my 90 pickup to turn it into a van back. Seems like it is a nonstarter.


Thanks again.



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Doable - but a lot of fabrication work.

Prices of anything LR have gone off the scale....

I have a roof somewhere between the UK and FR and they fetch serious money these days.


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