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P38 4.6 Crank Position Sensor Wiring


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Thanks guys. 

So it won’t damage the ecu if I connect them up the wrong way round? I thought it would send the opposite message 1:36 not 36:1 🤷‍♂️

Also are there different cps’s for manual and automatic. I’ve changed the flywheel and the sensor seems to be too far away from the trigger wheel. If they are different does any one have a part number for the manual one?



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There are different sensors for manual and automatic because of the location of the tooth wheel. But that can be solved by playing around with the spacers as well.
Also a difference between early and later GEMS, early ones have the connector high up near the coils and a short wire on the sensor, later ones have a longer loom with the connector directly at the sensor. I think the connector is the same, so interchangeable if you adjust the wire length in the loom.

Please tell us a bit more about your project, that will help give the correct info. Are you using the standard GEMS ECU or something aftermarket like MegaSquirt?

Also, there's no such thing as a 2001 GEMS, they were replaced by the Bosch ECM in 1999.


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That sounds like a fun project! 😎 Everybody likes pictures...

It is possible that the engineblock was cast in 2001, the GEMS management (and 'brick' intake etc) was only used up to '99 by Land Rover, but lasted longer with TVR etc as they never made the transition to Bosch management and the 'banana' manifolds. I have a Megasquirt running an engine with a GEMS flywheel (though not yet in the car...) and standard sensor, so the Emerald should cope as well. Makes for a tidy install without the addition of a toothed wheel at the front.


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As others have said, it's a VR sensor (basically just a magnetic coil) so it generates an AC voltage, if you reverse the wires nothing bad happens but it cocks up the "missing tooth" detection in the ECU and it will likely not fire up, or run really weird (RPM signal jumping around). If you're unsure, and Emerald don't give any guidance, I'd wire it up in such a way that you can remove & swap the wires over / re-pin the connector if needed.

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