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Td5 water temp gauge


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22 minutes ago, paime said:

Do you have to wire gauges/sensors like water temp/EGT etc via relays or would a simple fused 12v supply suffice?

The current needed in most gauges are small so you can happily use fused supplies - you only need relayed systems to avoid high currents being used in switches for example headlamps.

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Have a read of this - I installed a TD5 instrument pack in my 200tdi a few years ago, I then "upgraded" my temp measurement to a Madman EMS.

Installing a Defender Td5 Instrument Pack into a 200Tdi/300Tdi - Land Rover Technical Blog (retroanaconda.com)

From memory the Td5 Temp gauge is stand alone - you just need the right sender 300tdi type.

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This is what I would do too Ralph. The ecu needs the temp signal in the td5. I think the feed to the gauge comes after the ecu but the gauge wont be calibrated to another sender as i think its the ecu that tells the needle what to do. 

Easiest to fit another sender and gauge (one that reads in degrees) complete. The stock gauge only moves when its too late anyway the way its currently controlled. 

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This is probably not the right location however on my D2 I put the sensor on the bottom radiator hose. It saved me cooking the engine more time than I care to remember. When the temperature started to rise above a certain level you knew you were in trouble and switched off the engine.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I want to fit  a stand alone gauge so that I can follow the engine temp closely since there are plenty of hills around here and  I tow regularly.  My 'copilot' had the nanocom plugged in on one journey to follow the real temperature, on the level 78-80°C then uphill climbing up to 96°C and the 'idiot ' gauge had hardly moved.

The Gore Products replacement looks to be the answer . Not cheap especially when everyone has added their share to get it this side of the water, only consolation...cheaper than a cooked engine.

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