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Front brake pads clips

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24 minutes ago, Mo Murphy said:

Aha so they replace the coil springs on the retaining pins then.

Thanks chaps, much appreciated 👍


Yup. I tried those springs. They never looked like they sat right so I just went back to the original setup. 

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1 hour ago, western said:

Mine has the coil springs on the clips on front & rear calipers they work fine. 

They never looked right to me Ralph. The end of the coil sits ajar in the hole in the pad the pin runs through. Just thought it looked naff and like it would do less than the original setup. 

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I think that's  literally all the springs do - stop the pads rattling - so it's probably not crucial. It's not like the only sound you can hear in a Tdi Defender is the clock ticking. I must admit it annoys me the way they rust, I am casting round for some suitably more durable replacements.

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