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Front door seals

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Hi every one

     I have had a quick look though the forum but could not find any thing about the problem with the front door seals

that you get on the first inner bend on the hinge side where it folds inwards and lets the water run down inside and gets 

the floor wet. Now i would think that a let of you have had the same problem and may have the answer, i have heard  that

a Puma door seal is better or that the genuine Land rover part is much better is this true or do you know of a better fix.


Thanking you all 

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In the past non-genuine seals have had a bad press (being too stiff being the main complaint) but I had read that in recent years they have been much better so last year I bought a pair of BP seals and they have been perfect. They are soft, mould around the contours easily and take only a very short time to settle-in and allow the door to be closed properly without having to give it a slam. Been on over a year now and no leakage problems.

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I fitted BP seals recently with new doors and found that 'double fitting' them worked pretty well. The first fit gets the rough shapes around the curves out & in, but in doing this the actual 'pinch' ability of the seal is compromised a little, so once on, I pulled them back up from the bottom, took pliers and carefully nipped tight again the bits that go round the corners, and then using a wooden mallet (block of wood is fine) tapped them back onto the curves and they went right in, took the shapes and gripped really well. May be worth ensuring there's some actual 'grippiness' on the metal of the curves, with some fresh paint (I'd slathered on loads of new paint beforehand so it was dry but still had a 'squeaky' feel to it) but certainly need to clean off all the dirt/sliminess if theres any present.

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After reading this thread because I'm very dissatisfied with the Britpart seals I had fitted 2 years ago (can't get my door to shut properly no matter how I adjust hinges, latch or striker plate) I searched for new genuine seals for both front doors on my 110 at a reasonable price.

I found Island4x4 selling them at what I think is a reasonable £60 (ex VAT) each for Genuine Land Rover seals.

They arrived yesterday so I fitted them. The rubber is much softer, they fit onto the body much better, the rubber seal doesn't sit as proud from the frame as the Brtipart ones - my doors fit much better with no adjustment to them.

My conclusion - don't waste your money on the Britpart ones, you may find yourself in a worse off position than when you started.


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1 hour ago, ThreePointFive said:

Here come the "tHeY'rE mAdE iN tHe SaMe FaCtOrY" comments.

Britpart is just a conspiracy to keep landfill in business.

Happy to dig out my old britpart ones from the bin and sell them on to anyone who thinks that... 

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