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300Tdi Head Advice & Glow plugs

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all its been a while, unfortunately have been out of action with a slipped disc but now getting stuck into fixing the truck (its sat with a blown head for 4 months) 😢

I had the coolant blasting out of the back of the head at the bulkhead so have today got the head off and to my surprise absolutley no sign of gasket failure anywhere, gonna be proper miffed if there's a pin hole in the rear blow off plug. 

Any way, whilst apart I noticed that my pistons have done a lovely job of flattening the end of my glow plugs off and I was wondering is there any way of adjusting the glow plugs so they down stick in quite as far?

can follow up with photos if needed.


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ill get some photos in a-bit

basic info, 

I rebuilt engine about 8 years ago (it has always ran fine ever since) 
when it was rebuilt it was bored out and +20 thou pistons fitted, OEM 300tdi spec.

piston protrusion height was measured and I ended up fitting a no hole 1.6mm thick gasket. glow plugs were never removed from the head at this time as they had been replaced with the head about 5 years earlier.

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The 300 head is thinner than the 200, so the tips of the injectors and glow plugs will be more off-centre than a 200’s.  That is why the bowl in the piston crown was moved.  Given that you changed the pistons for oversized, I suspect you have 200 pistons, so the bowl is in the wrong place for the head.  It is also possible that the pistons are correct but fitted the wrong way around, so the bowl is offset in the wrong direction - the crowns have direction arrows near one edge, and the photo with the dented piston shows that arrow pointing aft, but I think it should point forward to the timing case.

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