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Material recommendations for brackets for 200KG drawer runners


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is 3mm galvanized sheet ok to use to make brackets to support a pair of drawer runners rated at 200KG? I’ll use 4 L shaped brackets on each side, probably about 200mm wide, 60mm high and 60mm along.

thanks for your help


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On 10/15/2021 at 1:57 PM, bishbosh said:


A sketch would help - a 3mm bracket with the load applied at 1mm offset will be fine, if the load is at 100mm, not so much! :D 


15 minutes ago, Mo Murphy said:

I think it largely depends on whether you'll be hanging 200kgs off them Steve! 


Sorry Bish and Mo, I missed you replies.

So the runners, rated to 220kg at full extension of 1545mm, will hold this platform that will hold the spare wheel & tyre, dometic cfx3 55 fridge and a box made out of extruded alluminium. The box has two slide out drawers, that can be accessed all the time, and when the platform is slid out, it has two drop down sides that act as tables/work benches and also provide access to a 300x1000x560 storage area. All up these collectively weigh about 80-90KG. 

The main reason for the platform is that I can no longer fit the spare in the normal range rover classic space (inside on the left) and I’m not keen on having a rear mounted wheel carrier. Mostly because they’re a pain in the arse with a drop down tailgate, and there’s already a big overhang on the rear of an range rover classic. So the idea is to mount this platform on a base of marine ply that has 4xM8 bolts holding it in. So if I want to remove the platform (once the contents are removed) it’s a case of unbolting 4 bolts, sliding out the base and platform (easier said than done 😉) and then bolting back in the rear seats…






Very simple sketch of the platform draw runner brackets…


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OK so if I am understanding you correctly the runner is in green and the brackets are the blue and grey angles with the 70mm dimensions?

If so then my gut feel is some 3mm folded plate would be OK if you have 3 or 4 brackets (top and bottom) with their spacing closed up the further from the rear of the car you get (to concentrate the resistance at the biggest lever arm). Try and minimise the distance form the centreline of the holding down bolts in the horizontal leg to the axis of the vertical leg of the angle.

You can buy brackets like that for very little money so easy to try out.

I would also think about what these brackets are bolting to as a RRC floor is not the strongest and I would want to put spreader plates underneath, particularly for the most heavily loaded brackets (furthest forward)

Hope this helps. :) 


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On 11/13/2021 at 1:04 PM, Ed Poore said:

How about old 19" server rack rails?

Thanks for suggestion Ed 👍, I acted too fast to take it on board,  as I ordered all the extrusions a couple of weeks ago 🙄

On 11/20/2021 at 2:49 PM, Mo Murphy said:

IMHO Steve, if you are going to be using the Range Rover solely as a camper that looks awesome.

If you are just doing the odd trip then 5 35l really useful plastic, lidded boxes are far more practical.



I tend to agree, but how boring would that be. At first I did install a couple tie down runs, with a view to doing that and temporarily tying everything down when needed…


The main pain in the arse was the spare. It just gets in the way and takes up too much room. Plus I was interested in solving it and also finding a solution for the fridge at the same time. Completely over the top, and distracting when I should be cracking on with the rest of the build…


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12 hours ago, SteveG said:

Thanks for suggestion Ed 👍, I acted too fast to take it on board,  as I ordered all the extrusions a couple of weeks ago 🙄

No worries. I suggested it because I have a pile of them I saved from a skip at my old job. I was going to offer some but I have an idea to build a demountable workshop body for the 6x6 and might use them for drawers on that so being a selfish person I'm not that keen on and keeping them to myself for the moment. :P:blush:

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