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Discovery Map Light


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Ok, it's not the most extreme mod in the world, but several people have commented, so I thought I would post something up about my Map light...

It's in the Int forum, cos the same fixture could be used on a defender or a rangie, but its in a disco for me...

Here it is:


For those not aquainted with aeroplane fittings, I aquired a Grimes cockpit light from a specialst breakers and thought it would make an excellent map reading light. It was origianlly 24 or 28 Volt but I just added a 12V bulb, and all is happy.

It swivels 360 degrees but is also removable from the base. It has a built in dimmer (although it isn't much use on 12V) as well as an push to make switch to turn it on. The cord is attahced to the vehicle to it can safely dangle on it's own wire - which is simply tapped into the courtesy light feed.

Mounted up high it points on the navigators map very well, but doesn't blind the driver, and you can drive with it on without any problems. It also has a red filter if you want that under cover commando feel to your navigating! :) It proved it's worth on the recent treasure hunt!

Apparently they appear on eBay occasionally, but other than that I wouldn't know where to get one. This one came from a fokker f27...

Anyway, thought some might be itnerested, so there you are.



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