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Incorrect wiring for Trailer Brakes/flashing indicators on Land Rovers


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I have a 2008 Range Rover Sport.  In Dec 2020 I had Redarc Trailer Brakes fitted by a reputable outlet in Brisbane's south. I have just found out that the trailer brakes fitted to my car were fitted incorrectly.  One clue was the flashing indicators.  For the last 10 months I have been towing a 2.3tonne caravan without brakes due to incorrect fitting and the work not being tested.  The wiring diagram for the Australian 7 pin large plugs have identical contacts for the L Indicator (Pin 1 yellow) R Indicator (Pin 4 green), brake lights (Pin 6 red) and earth (Pin 2 white).  The other 3 are different connections and colours. See the colour codes below.  The problem was that the tradie fitting the trailer brakes attached the control wire to the blue wire on the back of the car plug (as described in the fitting instructions).  On the Rover, that is pin 2, but it should have been connected to pin 5 (the brown wire) - which is the service brake.  Pin 2 on the caravan is the reverse lights (2 x Indicators if no dedicated reverse lights) hence the flashing lights as the controller searches for the trailer.  The problem was not detected as the installer didn't test the work he'd done.  Their testing jig could only test vehicles with flat 7 pin plugs, and because the RRS had a round plug, it wasn't done.  I have approached them to suggest they spend $20 at Super Cheap and buy one for next time.  In short, if you have a Land Rover with flashing indicators, you probably don't have trailer brakes.  (Note that there is no problem with the Redarc device, and it wasn't Redarc who fitted it.  I have advised Redarc of this problem.)

Aussie Plug.png

Brit Trailer Plug.gif

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