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Tyrex E-Locker


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I can’t see anything on Google about Tyrex that isn’t connected to Raptor.  I get the impression it may be a manufacturer they own or have very close exclusive links with.  But with only sales ads and info coming up, no discussions or forum threads, I think they must be very new.  I have never heard of that brand before.

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1 hour ago, landroversforever said:

Nigel has had another Raptor locker apart and it was full of metal bits :(. I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole.


I had to read that first sentence a few times to consider the best interpretation.

My first thought was well of course I'd hope it's made of metal, as opposed to say plastic components. Then I thought ah- he means bits of metal - that ought not to be there. Little nasty sharp slivers of swarf, debris etc. Yep, that would put me off too. 

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37 minutes ago, landroversforever said:

'Rebranded' in the chinese way? :ph34r:  

That would be my suspicion when a random company comes out with a product like this, especially with a description like this:


Diff locker for Land Rover, rover axle: Defender 90 front/rear, Defender 110/130 front, Discovery I/II, Range Rover classic.

No need air compressor or other adjustments to fit on the axle, all is included in the kit.

Fitting instruction included.

I can't believe that was written by an adult with English as their first language, for £500 they could at least bother to proof read their own website :lol:

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On 10/30/2021 at 5:08 PM, FridgeFreezer said:

:lol: fair point - but at least the stuff Nige writes you can tell it's him and not Google Translate.

It's mind boggling to think what Google Translate would make of Oink and Innit

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