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Hi, All,

I've just got back on, after having been sent into outer space (I'm not sure that it was that close), almost irretrievably, by the vagaries of the new forum.

H E L P, please, now from near space, or, to be more presact, from the seas of EP90 and MIL-L-2105 and API GL4. I've got a dripping rear diff, so I reckon that I need at least a new oil seal (there are no cheese holes in the Fe bits!).

I have two questions that I need urgent responses on:

1. What size is the nut on the front end of the diff, behind the flange? I've been making cutouts from cardboard all evening, trying to confirm the size AF, and I can't decide if it's 30 mm, 31 mm, or 32 mm. Does anybody know, please, since I don't want to buy the wrong socket tomorrow, and have to wait until Monday to get the right one?

Question 2: I've already noted the post regarding not needing a collapsible spacer, but can I proceed to replace the oil seal myself. with normal workshop tools, or are there any "specials" that mean that I have to put it into a "professional" workshop?

Many thanks for any advice,


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