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Battery drain doing my head in now

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Ok so for some time Iv been having battery trouble and now it’s doin my head in. I started sorting out some wiring in my 90 recently so thought right, new battery’s as a start before wiring up lights etc. 

New Yausa fitted alongside a 110ah leisure battery along with a simply split charge split charge system. 

Still I have issues with a flat battery. Now I drive to work early hours Monday mornings which takes approx 15-20mins, usually dark so lights on, led all round including headlights and same on the return Friday night. So from Monday morning to Friday night every week it sits idle in the yard. Could the batteries maybe not get enough charge?

2nd Iv an earth from battery to outrigger (new earth cable fitted recently. Iv also got an earth direct from battery to starter bolt and another direct from battery to gearbox, could this be a problem?

Tonight I got a rare night home mid week and again she’s flat. Jumped off my jump pack and ran home. Got the multimeter out and battery shows charging at 14.09v, is this sufficient?

Main battery showing 12.36v and leisure showing 12.3v when engines off. 

Checked parasitic and shows 0.00ohms on both. 

Im absolutely baffled now as to where my issue is. The only thing that’s active all the time is the tracker which is wired to the leisure battery. Other than that I not got round to connecting anything else yet



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13 minutes ago, mcc1979ian said:

Red to positive, black to negative but Iv a funny feeling I’m doing it wrong

Yep, that's not it at all :lol:

To measure a parasitic drain you want to disconnect one battery terminal, change your multimeter's leads over to the current-measuring mode and then measure between the exposed battery port & the floating cable (current flows THROUGH the meter) - and always remember to change the meter leads back to volts/ohms mode afterwards otherwise you'll blow the meter/fuse next time you put it across the battery ;)

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I would expect the leisure battery to be sitting at over 12.6v, though trackers do tend to be quite power hungry especially if you leave them in an active mode, rather than dormant mode waiting for you to send a location request.  Is the split charge actually kicking in? 

A bad diode in the alternator will create a slow discharge on your starting battery, might be worth checking out. 

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