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Trip to Tiger Canyon Private Game Reserve


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The Mrs & I spent a few days at Tiger Canyon (http://tigercanyon.com/), a reserve establised about 20 years ago to save the endangered Bengal tiger, and now they have wild tigers roaming free as the apex predator in the reserve.

What an amazing experience: the one day we chilled not 2m from a pair of cheetahs eating a freshly-killed blesbok :)

If you ever make it to ZA, I highly recommend a visit: it's a very small eco lodge, max 6 guests, so a very personalised service.

We drove the 1900km round trip in the Rangie, with excellent fuel consumption even though on the return trip the ambient temps were 34-38C the whole day.

Here are some photos, videos will be up in a few days.

















rest of the photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PKSdfFGrWgHaDxW37

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34 minutes ago, Eightpot said:

Hi Naks - I'm doing a long Kruger trip next month starting at Punda Maria - do you know of any interesting spots to stay north of Polokwane on the way up?  Doing a couple of nights at Mapungubwe, need to fill a couple extra nights on the way up. 

Hi, unfortunately I am not familiar at all with that area.

The only nice spots that I've passed around the area are around the Magoebaskloof, but that is a detour from your route I think, it's about an hour East of Polokwane, on your way to Tzaneen. Very scenic drive, lots of farms and lodges, and plenty of fishing/hiking, etc.

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