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300tdi disco manifold gasket


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hello everyone. i've just finished putting back together the exhaust and inlet manifolds having fitted a new gasket. since i removed the egr valve i've been threatening to clean the inlet manifold, cause it was filthy, and thought i'd also do the intercooler as i've got some new pipes for it, and upon removal of the inlet it became apparent that it's been leaking for some time and needed replacing. so, having read les's post on removing a 300tdi head i was pleased to find that contrary to what d manuel says, i could (just) get the gasket replaced without undoing all the turbo gubbins and exhaust (nice 1 les) :) wasnt sure it would work with the solid defender downpipe fitted. anyway, the haynes gives 45nm for the exhuast manifold nuts but i've found no mention of the inlet manifold torque in the haynes or rave manuals. i've nipped everything up as far as felt comfortable for now, being it's an alloy head but does anyone know what they should be? ta. dave

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RAVE manual says 45Nm exhaust manifold to head nuts & 25Nm for inlet manifold nuts.

in Rave

Discovery workshop manual 2nd edition

Section 30 Manifold & Exhaust system


Torque values

hth :D

well bugger me!! :blink: obviously that's the section i couldnt see for looking at. :blush: thanks western. :D

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you need these



link to them as much as you like. :D

DOH! there goes the niegbourhood, i'll have to get rid of the disco, buy a toyota and change my username to hiluxhomer :lol:

but on a serious note, that picture doesnt capture my handsome, intellectual side. doh! post-1905-1169385988.gif :hysterical:

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