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What is the worest time you have got stuck?


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This was probably most stuck I've ever been as I couldn't move an inch, most other times I've been stuck I've been able to shuffle forwards or backwards a little! What the picture doesn't show is that the back is attached securely to a tree, there's a heavy Range Rover on the other side of a large hill on the end of my winch rope, and the chain in my PTO has just snapped, leaving the winch locked solid and me stuck in the middle of 2 objects that were going nowhere at all! Took another winch (thanks Paul!) to pull the Range Rover up a bit further so I could get the winch rope off and then reverse to take the strop off the tree!


There was also this time when my brother was driving. Not spectacularly stuck, but it took a Snowcat to pull it out B) :lol:



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Worst stuck was the first time green laning - of course back then I was young and stupid (as opposed to slightly older and stupid) so didn't have any recovery gear. It was only a small stuck, but we ended up sleeping in the 109 until a mate could get out with his SJ (just to add insult to injury) the next day to pull us out. Best part was while we were waiting my BOSS turned up and laughed, pointed, at took photos... the b&%$*d <_<

Not a bad stuck, but the most embarrassing by miles!

This was possibly the worst:


It's one way to find out there's a grommet missing from the side of your dizzy :rolleyes:

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My worst vehicle stuckage didn't involve any mud, it was when I went off the side of a causeway across a river in full flood. Ended up with the back end in deep water (about half way up the windows at the back) and the front end up to the headlights. Got very cold and very wet getting it out (needed 2 vehicles towing and only just came out then) plus as it was Dad's vehicle I got a frosty reception when I arrived home on the end of a tow rope an hour or so late! Didn't have a camera with me which was just as well as it would have been underwater along with everything else that got wet on the passengers seat :angry: however I did get off lightly as somebody else that went off in about the same place went even further, they lost the whole vehicle underwater and I think they had to fish it out with a Cat digger!

Also had a motorbike bogged down to the headlight in a swamp (that was fun getting out too, after I had picked myself up from 6 feet in front of it....it stopped kinda quick!) but no pictures of that either.

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worst stuck was at robin hoods bay sight, my landy not me driving at the time was stuck for a couple of hours until extracted lever in low box position however gearbox wasn't in low nor was it in high. managed to get it into high and drove home.........

next time forgot to stick it in central diff lock was at devils pit on the plateau charge forward up the slope slide side ways head towards black route end up going down side ways start again charge repeat the above charge repeat the above give up mate jumps in wacks it into diff lock and drove up still p155 myself when I think of it.........

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Define worst, been in deep water and mud, needs a winch OK. Took wife, brother, sister in law and three kids out, stuck for three hours in alane at Fernhurst, winched through various sections and finally gave up. Much earache, not overly difficult in the stuck stakes but much worse in the ear bashing. Drove same lane not after much rain with Fitz and Gary no problems it had dried out and could be driven, just goes to show what a bit of rain can do.

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Sorry, changed my mind, THIS was the worst stuck:



Trying to find a transmitter site got a bit lost, tried to do a 3-point turn at which point it slid backwards, rear tyre on a log and into the bank, front wheel waving in the air :o was a little worrying as I don't know the rollover angle of a transit :huh:

Anyway, one call to the RAC and a 90 minute wait later, they sent another transit <_< to have a look. He then decided it'd need "contractors" with a 4x4 (no, really?) who would take another 2 hours to arrive. Told him where to stick that and phoned my mate who p***ed himself laughing and took loads of photos before towing me out.

Embarassment factor doubled 'cos not only did I have to explain to the boss where I'd been for 3 hours (he very thoughtfully then told the rest of the team at the next meeting, b&$%*d), but of course the whole club knew about it too!

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funniest one was whilst at work in high top transit mate driving going down a farmers track beside the railway

Mate stops and says "do you think I can get through that bit of gloopy stuff ahead" me " no problem you'll make that" 2hours later we did do it :unsure: ojnly problem was he'd actually stopped in the worst bit and we got stuck where we'd stopped :rolleyes: Farmer came along in his landy and actually stopped and chatted then drove off never offered to give a pull saying as he departed " WELL I'LL LEAVE YOU TO LADS LOOKS LIKE YOUR HAVING FUN HAHAHAHA"

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Guest diesel_jim

Mine... several :D depending on how wet behind the ears i was!

first up on the ridgeway, in my series 2 88" on road tyres, my hi-lift jack consisted of a cr@ppy little scissor jack and my kinetic tow-rope was a blue nylon thing! got a pull out from a local farmer for a bottle of whisky!

second was (see my avitar) broke through some ice sideways and needed 2 tirfors and an 8274 to extracate me.

third wasn't stuck, but i had a knackered starter and a blown rear diff up on the top of the gap road years ago, so decided to bump start and snapped a front halfshaft! so had to be towed right back to civilization by a mates rangie, but my 90 was dead, so had no servo-brakes or PAS... bloody hell my arms and legs were aching after that lot!

this was years before i had simex's, ARB's, ashcroft shafts etc fitted!, still, all good fun and it certainly pushed me further up the steep learning curve! :lol:

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