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OT - Renault Clio

Guest MJG

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Back in the summer we replaced the cam belt after it snapped on an R reg Clio 1.2 8 valve.

The head was skimmed, all valves replaced and all new gaskets fitted and we rebulit it meticulously following the Haynes manual with all the correct torques and angle settings. <_<

Car has only done around 5,000 since and now oil and coolant is apparently running down the back of the engine. 99% sure it is from the Head gasket. :angry:

It is running fine, no misfire what so ever and no sign of oil in the water and vice versa.......

Give us a clue folks....or have we just been ruddy unlucky???.... :(

Many thanks in anticipation.

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I have also had this problem recently on one of my dads cars. I posted on here and got a couple of very helpful replies.

At the back of the engine, just below the head, are the heater feed pipes. These are made of steel and go into the ally block and could easily be coroded. If this is the case they are about £15 to replace. Or you could sleeve them in some way.


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