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Wind + trees = blocked routes.


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Hi Folks.

Having a weekend off I decided to dedicate Saturday to motorcycle trail riding and Sunday a jaunt out in the 90.

Now having battled today trying to pick my way around numerous fallen trees in the Dolgellau area, I have retrieved my chainsaw from the depths of my shed, fuelled it and lubed it as I think it is in for some hammer tomorrow. The amount of trees felled due to the high winds on Thursday last is incredible. Tons and tons of timber blocking the lanes.

Myself and other members of the CRAG organisation have been in contact with County Councils concerning blocked routes but to be fair to the CC's, just keeping the tarred roads open at the moment is a mammoth task.

So ll I can advise is if you are Wales bound, pack your truck with a chainsaw or decent ripsaw and relevant PPE and be prepared to use it.

If you come to a blockage, please try not to venture of route to get around it. Try cutting the obstruction or use an alternative road.

Stay safe and enjoy.


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