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Jack location

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Hi All, it's my first post on here although I have just put one in the military section, so hello!

I've just bought an early 2003 td5 SW which was in the MOD until 2018.

I've got the highlift jack, handle and base plate and there are two straps under the seat. 

Can anyone with a SW put up a pic of how they should be mounted as I can't stop them clanging around.

Many thanks

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Welcome to the Madhouse.

Use a small ratchet straps and strap it tight against the frames.

Not ideal when having passengers..


This is how we have the High-Lifts on our vehicles


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Thanks all. I should have said its a 110.

Under the rear/middle seats makes sense and there are some straps. It's just impossible to stop it flopping back and forth. Perhaps the bag would help, which I haven't got.

Is there a specific location for the base plate and handle? 


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Hi, I saw its your first post, if you aren't new to Defenders you'll know what follows. Do check the jack will lift the vehicle before relying on it to,especially if you have any doubts about the state of the jacking points and remember if you lift a back wheel the handbrake doesn't work unless you engage difflock. I think there is supposed to be a chock as well as the jack, carrying one seems sensible, as punctures seem to like to happen on hills on dark rainy nights. They do for me anyway.

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