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Ive got a landrover at last


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Ive just bought myself a 200tdi 90 :D dead chuffed with and cant wait to get some half decent tyres on it. As its running grizzley claws and the handle pants. havent got ne pics yet as its abit dark but ill bung some up when i get chance. Whooooooooooo im back in a landrover after about a year since theat fateful day when the old 90 crashed into a lorry.

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HI Scott.

Well done. I bet you not in a hurry to smash this one up? Well not for couple of days anyway :P Be nice to see some pics of the beast. Will I be wrong in assuming that you've already took it for a little run over the Quantocks? Speak soon Greg

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Just got back from taking it for a quick run across the quantocks bloddy hundred of ramblers out there today. Saw a load stags and hines so shall be off after those on monday. It shall be on exmoor tommorow with the hunt so we will see how we get on there.

The grizzley claws make the 90 handle like carp. might be getting some bfg mt if i can find the wonga.

I know what you mean gary this is my third in nearly 3 years, but i still get student discount at the local landrover specialist so that helps save the pennys.

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Grizzly claws are wonderful tyres! I've no complaints about them at all - the best tyres I've ever had on a landrover!

Bloody good off road (far better than anything BFG offer) and not bad on road! Unless you're taking them off to put road tyres on i cant see why you'd take them off!

Bear in mind its not car so wont handle like one - only other thing i can say is are the tyre pressures correct, or are you running a silly suspension lift or anything like that?


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