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V8 starter motors


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In the course of a very long rebuild I fitted a new Prestolite starter motor.

I then used the vehicle for two trips to the MOT station, and two laning trips (without wades).

All ok so far, but then I went to the AWDC at Bordon. The starter motor worked fine all day, but when I tried it the other day, all I got was a clunk from the solenoid.

So out it came, and it wasnt full of mud! Tried it on the bench, but it still wont spin up. I put the + on main bolton connector, - on the motor's body, and jumpedthe spade from the bolt.

Is the motor dead? Should it be covered under waranty?

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What happens if you jump to the flying lead that goes into the motor (EG bypass the solenoid)?

The contacts in the solenoids wear out, this is what happened to my last one. Although no-one (even Lucas or the guys that recondition them etc.) will sell you a new solenoid you can buy them from paddocks, part # RTC5049.

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Had a similar thing myself. Two weeks ago I had a brand new prestolite starter motor fitted to my V8 disco. Worked OK for a couple of days then it would not start. Symptons are that when power is applied it spins but does not engage the teeth on the flywheel. Spoke to the company that sold it to me and they are happy to exchange it for another. He did tell me they have been having a lot of problems with theb prestoliet ones recently and that he won't be ordreing anymore.



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