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RRC Double Cardon questions.

Paul McCleary

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I've got my hands on what I think in a Stage 1 V8 Double Cardon Prop.

I'd like to fit it to the front of Dodgy Bob, but the output flange from the transfer box is too small.

I know the gearbox in an LT77 but I am unsure what transfer box is fitted. I suspect it is from a Defender, but I stand to be corrected. It would be nice to know as I need to order a couple of oil seals. :( (pictures below)

My question is, can I change the output flange from the transfer box to one that would suit the DC Prop and if so, has anyone got a part number or know what model it came from that might fit?

I need to change the front prop on the Bob asap as the previous owner has had the grinder and hot spanner out. I'll let the pictures tell the story. :blink:

Thanks in advance.

Paul. ;)






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Thanks for the replies. :D

I'll get one of those on order ASAP.

Ref the original prop. I'm stunned it has lasted as long as it has. Apparently it was modded by the original builder of the Bob a few years ago and has claimed the lives of 2 front diffs in the hands of the previous bodge merchant, and still refused to fail.

It won't be claiming any more victims, as it's now thrown in the scrap skip where it belongs. ;)


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