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I was browsing the other day when I got a load of firewall alerts for nasty things trying to do stuff, I blocked all of them and thought nothing more of it.

But now as soon as I start the PC up (I only have a dialup internet connection) it wants to connect to the internet, and if I am connected to the ISP, as soon as I disconnect it comes up with the connection dialog again. As far as I can tell from the firewall the program trying to connect is c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe which I am sure is a legitimate system file - at least, if I allow the connection this comes up, does a bit of traffic in and out then shuts up for a short time, then does a bit more etc etc.

Is this something dodgy going on or what? It never used to do this. :blink:

Any advice from learned IT gurus would be appreciated - I have done a virus scan etc but apparently nothing amiss, maybe I'm just paranoid!?



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Turned out to be a frggn trojan!!

NAV didn't pick it up on last week's virus defs but I noticed there were two msmsgs.exe programs running so after a bit of digging I found there's a virus that uses the same filename, this weeks virus defs did pick it up

now got rid of ... more info here if anybody is interested

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