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2nd Battery


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I am looking into placing a 2nd battery in my disco but where? Looking around i see alot of the 2nd batts going where the air filter is and replacing them with a sorkel. I dont really want a sorkel. I got the 7 seater verson so maybe take out one of the seats of the back???

Any tips ideas etc

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I believe a common thing to do on a 300 is to move the washer fluid bottle or fit a 90 one which hangs off the suspension turret. The space next to the bulkhead can then be used to put the battery in.

With a 200 you can just lump the battery into the mirror image of where the factory one sits, but as you have said the air cleaner is in the way on a 300...

Somebody round here (freeagent?) has the second battery fitted in place of one of the rear dickie seats...



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I fitted a battery into the second compartmet on my 3.5V8i. I just cut the "trumpet" bit of the air filter intake. I also had to move the PAS reservoir by welding a small bracket onto the radiator mount. This was on a petrol so don't know how different it would be on a diesel.



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yep, 'tis I...

i've got a second battery in the boot, its fitted in a marine battery box, next to one of the cargo box thingies...


it works ok, and did a great job when we went to morocco..

its secured using the blue strap through a couple of eye bolts through the floor.

i'm actually planning to move it, because i'm going to need to get a pram and stuff in the boot soon :rolleyes:

I'm probably going to get a snorkle, if i do, the battery will be going in front of the air box, if not, then its probably going to be fitted somewhere else under the bonnet, i only need a small leisure battery as i only use it to power CB, phone chargers and a fridge when i'm parked up, it isn't needed for winching or running a proper fridge for days at a time...

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