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electric KAM diffs


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why is it stuff always turns up when you dont need it???

ordered a pair of KAM electric operated diffs months ago..... in the mean time i fit new suspension and recently destroy my engine, which ive still got to replace.

then yesterday i get a phone call saying my diffs had arrived ;)

also........has anyone got any pictures of 90 truck cabs which have been extended.......... ive seen them ages ago in magazines but acnt find them now.

as this is something i fancy doing whilst ive got it in peices doing everthing else.

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I've converted my pickup into a kingcab - it's a pretty cool thing to do, you get a load of extra space behind the seats for kit etc.

These pictures are pretty old now.

There's more Here

If you're interested, I'm going to be producing a load of composite roof panels made from a 110 CrewCab roof, which is the proper height and looks a lot better than the extended 90 pickup roof I'm running at the moment. The 110 roofs also cost upards of £500, which is expensive for something you're going to chop down!

I can also get the side panels fabricated up very easily - I had a CADCAM program written when mine were made, and it'll cost virtually nothing to get more made. Let me know if you're interested.

FYI, I think there's only about 8 or 10 of these running in the UK at the moment - Frogs Island (who made the first) only did three...


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yes tonk they are............... imnot sure weather to get replacement axle casing and get it shot blasted and powder coated whilst im doing it.

im running a rear axle with drum brakes at the moment.... is a axlewith discs a straight swap?

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as soon as ive got them in and a new engine i will let you know.................. ;)

Hi gelf

I assume you went for the new ones that were developed for the Santana for Spainish military. If so I would also be keen to see how you get on with them.



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