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Cheap Welder.


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There is a world of difference (and pain) between arc and mig for an amateur (I speak as a very experienced amateur, my welding has been amateur for some time!).

I bought a cheapish arc, might go as high as 140A as my first welder (I had done oxy, mig and arc at UNI for a few weeks and enjoyed it and wasn't bad at it, only about 10 years before) but it's been very little use, where as the cheap mig i bought has been used quite a bit.

Is it just me or do you seem to get better penetration from Arc for the same Ampage? I could blow a hole in thick metal and find it difficult to get the penetration from the mig.

Reason I ask is that I was considering doing my own rear x member and I thought about mig to tack it in place and then arc for the proper welding?

I think welding is one of those job where the quality of the tools makes a big difference rather than the workman and a poop welder will deliver poop welding no matter what

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