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I want the jump seat for the new defender

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Hello, I'm new to this forum. Last year I got the new Defender 90 and absolutely love it. I got all the specs I wanted except for one thing, the front row jump seat. I have the console with the refrigerator. Is it possible to get a jump seat? Or even better, what are the odds I could find someone willing do an even trade?

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I did have to look up where Annapolis is; I guessed USA but didn't recall that MD stood for Maryland.

I'll start by saying that while people from across the world contribute to this forum, it is UK centric. As such I'm not sure there is enough knowledge readily available to point you to 'a better hole' (a more relevant forum).

Going back to the specific (jump seat versus console) I seem to recall someone in the UK raising a problem in changing from one to the other.
The summary was that 'it couldn't be done', the conclusion being that a lot of ancillary parts had to be changed (conclusion was that this made the change uneconomic). I also have a recollection that the selection list was vaguely worded, so it wasn't clear what was being 'given up' when the console option was ticked.

I thought I had seen a forum topic on similar lines; turns out that I started it!!
This doesn't mention a jump seat, so perhaps the only useful point is that 'Retroanaconda' is running a 90 in the UK, and has a thread detailing his experiences to date.


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I seem to remember seeing/reading somewhere that adding a third seat was nigh on impossible, a lot of the interior is built around it and you end up having to change waaaaaaay more than you would even possibly think.

A bit like retro fitting the recovery points is 'tricky'.

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It would be doable I am sure, it’s just nuts and bolts after all, but I would imagine very expensive. Lots of parts are different around the centre console and dash etc. and they would all add up. If you could get bits off a breaker it might be more worthwhile but unless you’ve got very deep pockets I’d say it’s unlikely to be a practical option to swap.

The vehicle is still quite new and due to the current market situation prices are still very high, when more second hand ones are available these bits might be more accessible. A number of companies are already coming up with solutions recently for retrofitting some of the other bits that have been missing from vehicles due to component shortages (e.g. digital dash, larger central screen etc.).

The recovery points are actually fairly simple, bumper comes off and then it’s eight bolts to fit them. 

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l fitted the rear recovery eyes and while not difficult it did take a couple of hours.

To fit the jump seat you'd be best to find a Defender that's been scrapped due to accident damage.

From the factory it comes with the clear sight rear view mirror (as the jump seat obscures the view through the rear view mirror when it's raised or someone is sitting in it)

This can be retrofitted as a kit or you could just do without it and use the wing mirrors when someone is in the jump seat.


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On 10/12/2023 at 3:36 AM, DannyK. said:

I have a Jump seat in my 2022 Defender, I’m looking to change it a console. 

Have you managed to do this ?  I've got the walk thro' and would either like the jump seat or the centre console but I'm not convinced either is possible

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