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BOC Argoshield bottle question


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On the bottle is states filled to 230bar

just fitted a regulator to a bottle just collected from agent

and it shows only 200bar

either someones had 30bar of gas or it has been filled light

the seal was intact on the top.

it was stored outside would this have such a large effect?

I have it in the garage now and will check it again later.

Before I consider returning it any opinions?

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Temparature shouldnt make a difference anyway - simple physics says pressure x volume = a constant.

The volume isnt changing, so the pressure shouldnt either.............or am i missing something?


(P x V)/T is constant, where T is temperature in degrees absolute

P x V = kT so as temperature rises with a constant volume the pressure must rise.

k depends on the gas, so for a given gas

(P1 x V1)/T1 = (P2 x V2)/T2

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Ah! Good question. The only info I can find is that Argon remains a gas at 'standard temperature and increased pressure', while CO2 liquifies at 'standard temperature and increased presure'. Although that's not very usefully quantified...

So, er, yeah... Good question! Maybe we need a chemist?


P.S. I'm still tempted to think they are both liquids in the cylinder though...?

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I was wondering if it was a similar effect like when you form an alloy the melting point drops below that of the metal with the highest MP, or if you mix liquids the freezing & boiling points do the same.

If that is the case though, how can fractional distillation work?

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