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Body lift 109 SIII

Gareth Dickens

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Can a bodylift be done to a SIII 109? Are there any drawbacks? Is it as simple as inserting Ford V6 engine mounts.

Most things are possible, not so much difficult, more bloody time consuming, why would you want to? Or do you mean a suspension lift?

I assume it has something to do with fitting a V6, any more info?

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I don't really understand this question. Take a look at your LandRover. As I mentioned in the power steering article, series rover bodies are hard bolted to the chassis. The method of attachment is easily visible and is mostly via vertical mounting tabs and brackets off the chassis with bolts and nuts going horizontally through these tabs into holes in the bodywork. You cannot pack the body up higher with spacers.


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This may be an obvious question, but have you fitted extended shackles / spring hangers? If not, that would be my first stop. Raising the body will not improve your ramp/departure angles as it is the chassis (or front bumper) that hits the ground. If your springs are old/knackered then they won't be helping - my 109 went up quite a bit with new parabolics.

You can trim the rear X-member if you have no rear fuel tank - the military x-member doesn't have the drop in the middle for the tank support:


Next stop - How are the tyres fouling the arches? You may be able to stop it with different offset wheels, or at least reduce the trimming required.

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33*12.50's will need the arches cutting, especially on 10" rims, fit defenders arches is the easiest way to cover the rubber after u've cut your bodywork

Yes thanks

Got me self a set of 110 fender flares. Normal mounting position as used on a 110 will put them well clear of those arch fouling demons that call themselves tyres.

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