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200tdi head gasket


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in typical fasion the head gasket has gone on the 110.

Not uncommon i know but i rebuilt the engine (where I replaced the gasket and put new bolts ect in) about 6000 miles ago so am not that inpressed.

When i checked eariler there is a lot of gass bubling up in the header tank (and some oil round the front og the head) so am pretty sure its gone. (also on the last 3 times i have started it from cold it has burnt a bit of oil for about 3 or 4 seconds after starting)

I am replcing the gasket and having the head crack tesed and skimmed next week.

all pretty straitforward. but i would like to know why it went (as im driving to morocco in less that two months.)

The only thing i can think of that may have caused it is when the fan belt snapped whilst driving up a very steep road in north wales with nowhere to pull in (and a large lorry following) the engine got up to the red on the guage then, but seemed allright when i replaced the belt and has done about 3000 miles since then.

Is there anything else that i should be checking? (most things are new or reconned on the 110)


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It could be that you were just unlucky. All you can do is make sure that all the holes in the block have clean threads and no debris/oil or water in the bottom of them. It is possible that the head got very slightly tweaked when it got hot, but skimming it will sort it out anyway.

Just be sure to take a carefully packed spare head gasket with you!

When overlanding, I always used to carry a spare carefully packed and sandwiched between two thin pieces of plywood taped together so that it couldn't get accidently bent.



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