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Electronic 'smart' module into series 3

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Does anyone have experience or thoughts on integrating an electrical control box. Something that makes the fuse box and part of the relay unnecessary?

As an example. In the motorbike community you have these systems that replace a large part of the old wiring harness:


It also adds some extra features, like an alarm.

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Anything's doable and a Series is a pretty simple wiring loom (about as simple as it gets), but I'm with Escape on this one - and I have no idea why I'd need/want to control any part of my Series from a bluetooth connection. Adding an alarm but giving it bluetooth so thieves can find it & disable it with an app doesn't appeal to me.

A solid-state relay box is something I considered (I do electronics / PCB's for a living) when re-wiring my 109 but field repairability goes out of the window compared to just finding a spare fuse or relay.

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