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Cheap Grinders


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They look startlingly similar to the Wickes ones, but even cheaper and with a free grinding disc! Only a year guarantee though, tch :rolleyes:

Strangely they're not on their website but there were stacks in my local store. I didn't buy one as I'd just got a replacement under warranty from Wickes :D

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I now have 3 of these (cut, grind and wire-brush) - the oldest is several years old and all work perfectly. not sure if they would stand up to 'professional' use, but for me they are fine.

At the checkout when I bought my last one they offered to 'extend the warranty' to 3 years (that's a two year addition) for £3.50 I think... I didn't take them up on it..


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I got one of these to replace the Makita one i killed - it does the job and's still going despite some reasonable abuse. Can't see the point of an extended warranty, at the price it could almost be considered disposable. If it lasts a year I'm happy and not going to complain, might have to go and get another couple just in case

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Well, i took up the last post on wickes ones, 2 for £25.

Gave one to my dad to stop him knicking the first one i had.

The other, £12.50's worth has been left in the workshop of the mate whose gelping build my hybrid, i understand that it has been extensively used and abused on a daily basis for nearly 6 months, it is still going fine as far as i know.

As sheeppimp has said, at that price its a bargain if lasts a year or rebuilds/ builds a rusty landy.

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