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Diff lock stuck/not moving at transfer box


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Hi folks, 

I searched for this, assuming it absolutely must have been asked before, but either everyone else is really diligent about keeping the diff lock moving - or I'm rubbish at searching.... Couldn't really find any good info anywhere else either.

One of the things I might get round to on a mate's 300Tdi 90 rebuild this week would be to replace/adjust the tbox shifters - Hi/Low and diff lock. I have the Hi/Lo lever/adjuster off at the TBox and will make sure that's free and moving OK, but when I was last at the car I tried to move the diff lock spigot down at the box itself (transmission tunnel and floors are out). Absolutely no-go. Stuck as a stuck thing.

Despite living down a track, and using the car on farm tracks around his own place, he tells me he's never used difflock.....? The car has also been sitting still for nearly a couple of years now (long story).

In my car this works OK, so I've never needed to take the spigot cover thing off on. Is this the way to tackle a gummed up difflock? Could it just be that the box is static in the wrong position and that it wouldn't go into lock anyway even if all the mechanicals were nice and lubricated?

Just something else I don't know about.... Grateful for any advice.


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This is fairly common. They seize up through lack opf use. In reality they are a tool, not for use when stuck, but to prevent getting stuck. It should be light enough to use on the move

Usually they can be unseized by sparay shed loads of easing oil, like Plus Gas, onto the linkage then applying gentle but considerable force. Once moving, keep lubricating and moving in an out....ooooer

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Good stuff, thanks guys. I'll get the plusgas onto it and let it do its work. Like I say mine works fine - in and out - no bother. I just wasn't sure how best to tackle this one.

If I can't get it to shift over the weekend I'll leave him with strict instructions to keep it lubricated and give it a wiggle every now and again... 

Is it the kind of thing that might just not 'go' if something's in the wrong place or should it always move OK? 

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