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1993 Defender pickup tdi300. Horn on all the time.


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Hi all I have 1993 Defender tdi300 pickup. During the last cold weather and whist un attended the horn sounded. The only way I could  stop it was to remove the wire from the horn. I now have 12v at the horn all the time. I’ve changed the indicator horn stork for new however the old checked out ok on the bench. I even tried a new horn but still the same I can ‘t turn the horn off. I’m not aware of any alarm being fitted and had the vehicle over 10 years. Somebody at one time had a hood open switch fitted to the fire wall, I’ve Also replaced this. Tried with this connected or disconnect no difference. My question is should I have 12v live at the horn. By the way on the bench the horn button makes and brakes. Does the horn have a relay and if so which is it? Other than this  I’m now at a loss! Any comments are welcome …..well most of them😇. Any ideas anybody? I should add at one time a winch was fitted and think this is what the blue relay controlled …..unless you know different! 






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My wife’s 90 did this when we collected it from the dealer at three years old, though only with the lights on.  It was chafing damage to the wiring loom under the wings, which I was told is very common on all generations from the earliest 110s all the way to the end of production in 2016.

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Thanks all I am reading and taking notice! The push on the horn is making and braking, I’ve pulled all the wires from the horn end of the loom out and inspected them. From what I can see the loom looks to be in good condition but will keep in mind it could be with in, I am wondering if at some time in her life somebody has fitted a relay. I’ll keep looking. By the way I’ve added a new battery in the last few weeks and this also went flat. I would have thought if there was a short in the loom it would 1 start to smoulder and smell or 2 keep blowing fuses. I’ve had neither! As I’ve got a permanent live at the horn I’m considering rewiring this cable from the horn stalk down to the horn and simply leaving the original live wire unplugged and isolated. What’s your thoughts on this salution?

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I would remove the cable from the stalk,  just to be sure that for whatever reason, it is connected through to the horn. This eliminates the stalk.

If there's a relay in the circuit, then that cable at the stalk would connect to the coil and you have at least two circuits that could go wrong, by feeding +12V when it's not needed.

You say that there is a bonnet open switch and show a photo of it. I think that is only needed if an alarm is fitted. If there is an alarm, then the horn circuit gets a little more complex. Do you have a key fob?

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